Brian, Tara and Jaxson (Family Portraits at Henry Clay Estate)

This cute family is from Lexington, Kentucky. I met the Reed family through our local church - Crossroads Christian They are such a loving and friendly family, I really looked forward to photographing them and providing these memories. 

The one-hour photo session took place in the evening at Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate. This estate has several buildings including an 18-room mansion and beautifully landscaped grounds. There is a garden, walking path, manicured lawns, and many huge oak trees (and other species I'm sure).

We met during the golden hour, right before sunset. We had to hurry because with rain clouds coming in from the west, our sunlight dwindled very quickly. Fortunately, this family is great to work with and were very attentive to moving quickly from pose to pose! By the way, I adored the color choices for clothing. Blue and orange are complimentary colors and look great when paired together properly. Little Jackson was adorable and I look forward to our next session where we will focus on getting more images of just him.

Because the light dwindled quicker than usual and we were unable to finish our shoot - we will continue in two weeks and get more images of this delightful family!

Here are a few of my favorite images from our short portrait session.

Venue: Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate